Lipo 360°

Lipo 360° 

Lipo 360° is becoming an extremely popular surgery for women looking to enhance their overall midsection. This procedure helps eliminate areas of extra fat deposit from multiple areas of the midsection to achieve a more comprehensive and proportional appearance. Lipo 360° is not meant to be a quick fix for fat loss, but it can help contour and shape areas that have not responded to diet and exercise. Many liposuction patients have already lost weight with diet and exercise but are frustrated with specific areas of fat that won’t go away. This procedure helps create a more smooth and defined midsection.  


Dr. Oser's cosmetic consultation is an important step in the process of considering aesthetic surgery. Dr. Oser and his staff are committed to helping you become well informed about the actual process of preparing for Lipo 360°.

Dr. Oser will meet with you and help determine whether Lipo 360° would be the right procedure for you. You will discuss your concerns and goals. Dr. Oser will explain the procedure, potential side effects and outcomes.  

Other services may be recommended in combination with this procedure to ensure that you have an optimal surgical result. 

PreparationBefore Your Procedure 

Three weeks prior to and three weeks after your surgery, try to limit your alcohol and tobacco intake. Two weeks prior to and two weeks after your surgery, do not take medication that may thin your blood such as aspirin or ibuprofen products. Do not sunbathe or use tanning booths or self-tanning products. 

The Evening Before Your Procedure 

The evening prior to your surgery, please refrain from eating or drinking anything, including water. Please do not smoke and check with Dr. Oser regarding any medication that you are taking regularly. 

The Day of Your Procedure 

Please refrain from wearing makeup, contact lenses, hairpins, jewelry, body lotion or perfume. Wear comfortable clothing. If you develop a cold, sore throat, fever or any symptoms of illness before your surgery, notify the office. 

Please prepare to have a responsible adult available to provide transportation after your procedure and have arrangements made for any necessary assistance you may require for the following 24 hours. If you are a minor, a parent or guardian must accompany you. 


Dr. Oser will perform your Lipo 360° on an outpatient basis. Dr. Oser will make discrete incisions in the areas where fat will be removed. He will place a small microcannula in the incision and gently vacuum out areas of fat. Depending on the size of the overall areas to be treated, the procedure may take several hours.  


After the procedure, some redness, swelling, bruising and discomfort may commonly occur. You will wear compression garments to reduce swelling and maintain healing. Most patients can return to work in a week and resume normal activity after four weeks. It takes about six weeks for all swelling to diminish.  


Lipo 360° removes fat deposits from several areas of your midsection, yielding a more natural looking contoured figure. Patients are happy with their results and enjoy a slimmer and tighter figure all around.  It is a very popular plastic surgery procedure since it defines and enhances a more natural look to the body.

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