Photo Facial

Forever Young BBL

Forever Young BBL is the only device that has been shown to change the expression of genes associated with aging, longevity and increased lifespan. With regular Forever Young BBL treatments, patients' skin looks clear, smooth and much younger.

Forever Young BBL Benefits:

  • Zero downtime: Patients resume normal activities immediately.
  • Long lasting results: Studies include patients treated more than 10 years ago.
  • Fast treatment: Average treatment time of 12-15 minutes for a full face.
  • Effective on all body areas: Face, neck, chest, arms and hands.

Forever Young BBL

The Forever Young BBL Photo Facial uses BBL Broadband Light to diminish the signs of aging and reveal glowing, younger looking skin. The light energy gently heats up the top layers of skin, coagulating the tissue. This helps improve the texture of your skin.


You will meet with one of our licensed estheticians or practitioners to determine whether Forever Young BBL would be an appropriate treatment option. They will ask you about your medical history and your goals for the procedure. A treatment plan will be discussed as well as potential risks.


Candidates for Forever Young BBL have:

  • Good general health
  • Realistic expectations
  • Dark spots on the skin
  • Red blushing
  • Broken vessels on the face
  • Active acne

Preparation Before Your Procedure

Avoid indoor or outdoor tanning for four weeks prior to laser treatments. Also avoid sunless tanning products for a month prior to treatment. Avoid products with retinoid or acids for a week before your procedure. Patients who are prone to cold sores or fever blisters may need to take Valtrex before treatment.


Your eyes will be shielded with protective gear. One of our licensed estheticians or practitioners will use the Forever Young BBL laser to treat large or small areas of skin in a very short time. The quick treatment time of the BBL laser allows multiple passes and more impressive results in a shorter time period. The light energy emitted by the laser gently heats the upper layers of the skin. This stimulates your skin cells to produce collagen, leading to increased firmness. You may feel some warmth or a gentle snapping sensation as the laser gets to work. Topical anesthetic is not typically needed, but it may be used for more sensitive areas.


The Forever Young BBL Photo Facial requires zero down time after treatment. However, you may notice some mild redness that will disappear after a couple hours. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and wear sunscreen until completely healed.


Most patients experience younger looking and smoother skin following the Forever Young BBL treatment. You man also notice more even skin tone, as the laser reduces fine vessels that cause redness. It also can reduce pigmentation from unwanted lesions. For best results, you may require three sessions which are around two weeks apart.

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