Waxing is the process of using wax to remove unwanted body hair from the root, yielding longer lasting and better-looking results than regular shaving. Waxing usually lasts from two to eight weeks, depending on the individual. Repeated waxing over time can lead to smoother and finer hair regrowth.

Small area - Lip, chin, sideburns, unibrow, neck, underarms, areola, women’s chest, fingers and toes

Medium area - Full face, bikini, brazilian, half leg, arms, beard, buttocks, hands and feet

Large area - Men's chest, men's back and full legs


Waxing is a common and effective procedure for removing unwanted body hair. Depending on skin type, a hot or cool sticky wax is applied to the area and then quickly removed. This pulls the hair out at the follicle, resulting in longer-term hair removal than shaving.


You will meet with one of our licensed estheticians or practitioners to discuss your goals for hair removal. They will examine the areas to be treated and recommend a treatment plan.


Most people are great candidates for waxing. However, if you have used Accutane within the last six months, waxing is not recommended.

Preparation Before the Procedure

For the best results from your waxing session, your hair must be ¼ to ¾ of an inch long (about ten or more days of hair growth). You may take a painkiller such as ibuprofen before the procedure to increase comfort, but it is not necessary. Please avoid tanning for 48 hours before the procedure. Discontinue the use of retinoids for a week before treatment. We also recommend gentle exfoliation before the procedure in order to prevent ingrown hairs.


You will be asked to disrobe, depending on the areas to be waxed. Your licensed esthetician or practitioner will begin by applying a thin layer of oil to the skin to protect it. Either a hard or soft wax will be used, depending on the areas of the body. There may be some discomfort as the wax strips are pulled off, but this is very quick. After the waxing is complete, your licensed esthetician or practitioner will use wax remover to wipe off any excess wax.


There may be a bit of redness and irritation after your procedure but that should disappear rather quickly. A small percentage of people who get a Brazilian wax may break out in tiny whiteheads along the bikini area. This is called folliculitis and can be irritating but is easily treatable. We ask that you avoid hot tubs and swimming for twenty-four hours. The hair follicle is open during this time period and bacteria can enter the skin.


A great waxing session will leave your skin smooth and hair-free. This should last three to six weeks, depending on the area of the body and your individual hair regrowth cycle. Regular waxing will cause hair regrowth to be softer and thinner over time.

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