Brow Tinting

We all want the perfect eyebrows and dark dramatic lashes. Tinting lets you have darker, fuller looking brows and lashes while enjoying a lower maintenance makeup routine. During this treatment, one of our licensed estheticians or practitioners will apply a custom-created dye to your brows or lashes to darken them.


Your licensed esthetician or practitioner will examine your face and will help you decide on the best shade for your brows or lashes, depending on your coloring and other facial features. Typically, we like to go two shades darker than your root hair color for the brows. Many people choose a darker shade for their lashes.


You may be a candidate for brow or lash tinting if you:

  • Have fair hair and light brows or lashes
  • Have gray hairs in your brows
  • Wish for a lower maintenance beauty routine

Preparation Before the Procedure

We recommend that you come to your appointment without brow or eyelash makeup.


After deciding on the best shade for your lashes or brow, your licensed esthetician or practitioner will mix up a custom dye just for you. They will apply the dye to the brows and leave it on for a few minutes before wiping the dye off and revealing your new shade.

For the lashes, you must keep your eyes closed for the entire procedure. A protective patch will be placed under the lower lash line to protect the skin. The licensed esthetician or practitioner will apply the dye to the lashes and leave it on for around ten minutes. Then they will remove the dye and you can open your eyes again.


You will immediately notice that your brows look bolder and more defined, or that your lashes are darker and more dramatic. Typically, a tint lasts three to four weeks. You can help extend the life of your tint by keeping the hairs moisturized with serums or oil.

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